Production Type #1

Production Type is a French type foundry, imagined and created by Jean-Baptiste Levée. It develops typographic characters available for purchase, as well as made-to-order fonts for private customers (Libération, Renault, LVMH, Vanity Fair...).
The release of each new font goes along with the production of a series of photographic visuals that respond and question the themes, origins and visual characteristics of each new font. Production Type has entrusted Avant Post with the production of several photo collections, of which this is the first part.

Kessler is rooted in classic English typography and combines a particularly sharp design with sensual curves. These are the three major themes that we present in an evocative and provocative photographic series, around the theme of the famous English jelly.

PVC is inspired by the visual world of road markings, heavy goods vehicle markings and other vernacular and utilitarian references. The visual characteristics it emphasized show no compromise. Like an artist's installation, we photographed a scene using objects and materials from the world of transport and packaging.

Media is a character originally designed for the newspaper Libération. Its name and origin are linked to the dissemination of information and it is composed of 42 styles, making it a complete, ordered and logical system. Therefore, the series is based on the notion of network, organization and efficiency, in a technical and colorful universe.

Photography & art direction: Avant Post

client : Production Type