Les Salins 16/17

Les Salins, a national theater of Martigues is a theater created in 1995 which is dedicated to offering a transdisciplinary program.

Our collaboration continues throughout the 2016-2017 season. Echoing a programming marked by secret representations, we imagined a mystery-themed photographic series.

The series, produced with the photographer Samuel Guigues, shows different scenes in which the mirror plays a central role and allows the viewer to catch a glimpse of what is usually out of the frame. We approach the theme of the secret in a roundabout and playful way, and take the viewers behind the scenes.

Photographer: Samuel Guigues
Assistant photographer: Clément Brandely
Models: Marie Tardieu, Emmanuel Cook, Adeline Rigot
Editing: La Souris

client : Théâtre des Salins