Les Salins 15/16

Les Salins, a national theater of Martigues is a theater created in 1995 which is dedicated to offering a transdisciplinary program.

After entrusting us with the complete overhaul of his visual identity (logotype and creation of an exclusive typographic font), the theater called on Avant Post’s artistic direction and realization of the communication for the 2015-2016 season based on the four seasons theme. In collaboration with photographer Samuel Guigues, we offered a reinterpretation of this topic with fresh and intriguing visuals.

This season’s Salins programming is marked by four highlights that correspond to the seasons of the year. In terms of communication, the expectations were clear: the creation of visuals which are colorful, lively and able to arouse the viewers’ curiosity. We have created a series of 5 visuals (four quarterly and one annual). The concept comes down to a game between the live performance and the symbolic elements of the seasons on stage. The human being is omnipresent, alternately in the spotlight and in the back stage, and whose anonymity allows the viewers to identify themselves with performers and to change perspective.

Photographer: Samuel Guigues
Assistant photographer: Clément Brandely
Editing: Pierre Mahieu

client : Théâtre des Salins