Franck Genser

Franck Genser draws and produces luxury objects and furniture in Paris in limited or customized edition by working exclusively with the finest materials.

We have designed the brand’s visual identity, whose public launch is expected in 2018. The graphic charter applies to various stationery materials and to the products’ packaging.

The logotype is minimalist on purpose. It is created around a "g" whose specific design becomes the symbol of the brand, putting the emphasis on the concepts of balance, contact, and touch.

This logotype is extracted from the name and highlighted by an exceptional manufacturing work, making it a hallmark as well as a guarantee of quality and expertise.

In order to continue along with the balance and contact theme, all the materials show a graphic construction based on a central vertical separation. A simple embossed line splits the space in two and the typography fills in each format according to this principle.

client : Franck Genser