After several years at the head of the Ventre de l’Architecte’s kitchens, Alexandre Mazzia opened his own restaurant in 2014 in Marseille and asked us to design its entire visual identity. Six months after its opening, AM received his first Michelin star, followed by many other awards.

Alexandre called on us after having worked on the room framework and furniture. It allowed us to integrate the visual identity into a more global reflection and to design direct and visible links between the graphic elements and on-site features.

The logotype is pared-down. Just like gourmet cuisine, it deals with precision rather than quantity. The initials are staged: the A is in the center of a perfectly regular plate, and the M is freer, more eccentric, like the culinary signature of Alexander.
A very qualitative manufacturing work has been undertaken for the restaurant stationery and menus: an anthracite paper with a rough texture elegantly remind of the portions of raw concrete walls which feature prominently in the restaurant, as well as the copper ink which is printed by hot stamping on every material. It echoes the traditional copper materials used in the kitchen and some of the walls of the restaurant room.

client : Alexandre Mazzia