Un Groupe Français

Un Groupe Français, a young Parisian band, plays a pop rock music with a groovy melody.

Avant-Post developed the art direction of their first single « Louise » which deals with topics of anonymity, blur, all coming from the use of the indefinite article “a”, the meaningful “un” in the name of the band.
We conformed to this leading theme as we created the pictures, disk cover, as well as the video clip which go with the song.

With Nadia Tereszkiewicz
Art direction: Atelier Avant Post / Director: Samuel Guigues / DOP: Samuel Guigues / First assistant: Laurine Bauby / Scenario: Atelier Avant Post, Laurine Bauby, Samuel Guigues / Cam operator: Garance Sanders / Assisted by: Valentine Lequet / Editing: Thomas Robineau / Color grading: Nicolas May
Original song: Un groupe français / Recorded by Walter Laguerre & Eliott Sebbag / Edited and masterised by Guillaume De La Villéon

client : Un Groupe Français