Avant Post is an art direction studio founded in Paris by Quentin Berthelot, Johan Mossé, and Adrien Weibel.

We create unique communication systems for our customers, particularly through creative images: graphic design, photography, videos and digital material.
Our identity is not related to a precise visual style: it relies on a continuous search for original and efficient ideas which we highlight through strong designs.

We pay close attention to the project implementation we work on. From the requirements definition to the finishes, we insist on providing our customers with support and promoting human connection in a constructive and constant discussion.

Drop us a line so we can talk about your project together.
+33 (0)9 51 27 94 38
29 passage Dubail,
75010 Paris — France
We are constantly looking for new talents to work with us in our various spheres of activity, particularly in photographic production, videos and digital development. Feel free to reach out and send us your references.

There is no internship position at the moment.

User experience design : Camille Léonard
Web development : Patrice Pellier
Photographs : Avant Post (unless otherwise specified)
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